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Your endless, tedious search for the best mortgage interest rate is over. It can be very confusing and frustrating locating them. So many options available. The best mortgage interest rates on homes loans can vary based on lock-in period, points, credit scores, income, loan type and on and on. Our job is to ask a few simple qualifying questions then match you up with the mortgage interest rate best for your circumstances. We have numerous lenders from which to shop and hundreds of loan programs from which to choose. We locate the best interest rates on mortgages and home loans instantly online via advanced  wholesale lending technology.

We cut to the chase for you eliminating stressful hassles.

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Will the best home mortgage interest rates go up again? Here, you may lock in today's low pricing now for protection and float down if the market takes a dip. The recent slow down housing sales statistics have been moved by factors other than significant movement in the best interest rates on mortgages. Will the home sales crumble? Well, in a word, NO. Corrections are healthy in any market and investment in the American home will always be wise.

Another factor is that the best mortgage rates of interest fluctuate daily and sometimes hourly with the markets. Many factors can affect the market. The 10 year treasury yield or T-Bill is what we watch on an continuing basis to get a feel for where current trend is headed. Pricing can be manipulated up or down with the use of "points" to buy down or "rebates" to buy up. Our loan calculators will show payment differences at different levels.

The home loan rates have increased a little from the lows set in recent history. However, they remain at near record lows. The National Association of Realtors predicted that the 30-year fixed-rate loan will average 6.7 percent as early as 2004. That never happened and as of Spring 2007 they remained in the high 5% range. Though slightly higher than the all time historic low, current best interest mortgage rates are still very low by historical standards. Many of us remember when anything under 10% was great! The early '80s were a market of about 19 - 20%!! It was tough to be a real estate agent if you didn't understand "creative financing". Loan officers were dropping out of the business like flies.

Homeownership has always been one of the greatest financial investment opportunities an individual or family could do for themselves. Not to mention the American dream of pride of ownership and stability. As the stock market has had it's violent ups and downs, as the economy faced uncertainty and fluctuation, real estate has consistently proven to be a winner over the long haul. What ever the interest rate mortgage market, the best dream and goal of owning your own castle will continue to drive the housing market.

Please note. By taking a "No Cost" loan you have higher pricing thus a higher payment. There are circumstances where a "no cost" loan is appropriate. If you plan on keeping the loan for less than a few years the higher payment could still save money over the loan fees. If you plan on keeping the home loan for a longer term, a "no cost" loan usually COSTS MORE over time due to higher payments than if you had just financed in your customary fees at the start at lower pricing.


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