Large Commercial Loans for Land Acquisition, Development - Construction Financing Projects

Get 100% on JV - Joint Venture loans financing land development, construction and acquisition. Residential, commercial, mixed-use projects are financed with creative terms as required by the developer.  Medium and large projects for construction loans, development financing and land acquisition.

$500k to $1B+. 100% Joint Ventures or Equity

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Don't waste any more time tracking down a lender for your project. Dealing with Banks is a nightmare. Get an LOI - Letter Of Interest from competent, capable investors within 24 - 48 hours offering terms for a loan financing your land acquisition, construction or development of your project. No project too big. Joint venture offers to 100% LTV are available while you maintain full control of your project's completion. Just provide us the information necessary to prepare an executive summary for our investors and we'll do the rest.

First liens and mezzanine available all types of commercial loan financing requests for acquisition, development and construction of land projects of all sizes. Any type project will be considered. Retail, office, residential, whole communities, entertainment facilities or you name it.

Are you ready to get started? Most investors require a planned use for the property be executed within one year. If not, then the request will be considered a speculation and will not offer the best terms if any. Financing land acquisition, development and construction loans require detailed, if not professional plans and projections in writing. Developer resumes and competence must be demonstrated. Funding the ground purchase is only a temporary vehicle used as a starting point to get the entire project under way. Total project funding is available with the first draw used to purchase or pay off the ground giving the lender a first lien position.

Medical centers, high rise condo, hotel - motel, resorts, marinas, subdivisions, office parks, retirement communities, RV parks or any other major project requiring financing for land development, construction loan or acquisition is available quickly at terms suitable for the developer. The project must be supported with a sound proforma and projections. For a residential multi-family or apartment project this would include presales or pre lease numbers. Many think it is easier to just buy the ground, get city and county approvals, pre-sell or pre-lease the units then apply for financing the development construction loans. This is good, however many buyers or tenants will drop out before completion. A good lender partner from the start on a sound project with an experienced developer is certainly the most practical approach.

These are usually variable-rates priced at a margin over the prime rate or some other short-term interest rate index. You, the contractor and the lender establish a draw schedule based on phases of construction, and interest is charged or accrued on the amount of money drawn to date. This type funding, unlike most mortgages, isn't meant to be long term. If you already own the ground, then that can be considered  "equity" on the deal. Many developers  use programs where the funding is converted to a mortgage after the certificate of occupancy of C/O is issued. The advantage is that you one time close with only one application.


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Funding commercial financing on land acquisition, construction and development loans is available.