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If properly packaged, it's easy to get financing loans on a campground RV park because the lender wants to say "yes". That's where we come in. MFI has the RV Park and Campground financing loan experience, knowledge and lender / investor resources necessary to understand the the ins and outs of the motor home camping industry. We can customize a mortgage program to fit your unique needs and financial goals.

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Here at MFI we specialize in RV Park Campground Financing Loans. While this industry is lots of fun and centers around recreation and leisure, the business end is serious work. If you don't provide for cash flow that allows for the year round expenses, and run a tight operation, you'll be out of business before you know it. Placing just the right type of financing loan on your rv park campground is large part in your business plan. Terms with fixed and variable rates from two to thirty years are available with full documentation income qualifying. No Income No Asset Verification programs are available too. Experience counts! As an  broker, we have seen for ourselves the frustrations and challenges in attempting to get bank financing loans for campgrounds and RV Parks.

Because we are experts, we fund more of these properties than any other commercial real estate property type. If you will go to our quick application and request a funding offer, we can have full terms and conditions on different programs for you within 48 hours of a completed application. We have made the required hands on investment of time to intimately know this business and the financial necessities of owning and managing. Our loans and financing programs are designed for RV park and campground owners and prospective owners to use in:

  • Refinancing their property for improving their business.
    Refinance to improve your commercial property.
    Fixed and adjustable rate programs.
    Take cash out for any purpose.
    1 to 25 year repayment terms at good rates.
    No Income or Asset Verification

  • Purchase an Campground RV Park with financing mortgage loans
    Competitive interest rates with a 25 year amortization
    2, 5, 10 year fixed rates.
    Competitive terms and conditions.
    No Income or Asset Verification.
    Apply Now or get a custom quote for a Purchase or Refinance.

Getting a lender to say "yes" to your request is a task that requires knowledge and experience. The package must be prepared and presented in such a way that the lender is compelled to approve the request. If it is not, it is likely to be turned down. These commercial real estate types have an unusually high land value in a ratio to the total value of the project. Many lenders consider these funding requests as a "land deal" and tack on higher rates and fees and lower LTV. We won't let that happen to your transaction!  The typical banker has no experience with funding these properties and do not understand the business. Therefore, RV park financing for campground loans can be difficult and time consuming to package. We educate them with a business plan and executive summary that makes the lender want to say yes.

The way to get approvals is to first understand the lenders decision making process. We at MFI as well as the numerous lenders and investors that we place these packages with, have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved it these types of commercial properties. You can apply online or give us a call. We'll be happy to discuss all of your commercial real estate finance needs.


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Funding commercial financing on RV park campground loans is available with no income or asset verification.